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Flash and Self-Contained File Formats

A NOTE ABOUT THE SELF-CONTAINED POWERPOINT FILES: You need to have Powerpoint installed on your computer to take advantage of the self-contained Powerpoint slideshow files. Windows users, your computer will probably try to save the file as a .zip file. You must change the file extension to .ppsx in order for it to open correctly. If you are not using Office 2007, you will have to download a compatability pack from Microsoft to use this file type. Macintosh users, you must download a conversion utility for Powerpoint 2004 on your Macintosh that allows you to view this file type. It is available for free from Microsoft. Your version of Powerpoint will prompt you to download the file when you try to open a .ppsx file.

The .ppsx files are editable in Powerpoint 2007 if you open them through Powerpoint rather then clicking on the file itself..

Unit 0 – Measurement and Math in Chemistry

Unit 1 – Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry

Unit 2 – Electrons and Periodic Behavior

Unit 3 – Bonding

Unit 4 – Conservation of Mass and Stoichiometry

Unit 5 – Gases

Unit 6 – Solids, Liquids and Solutions

Unit 7 – Kinetics and Thermodynamics

Unit 8 – Other Selected Topics




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